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Best Diabetic Specialist in Coimbatore

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    Most Renowned Diabetes Specialist in Coimbatore

    Dr Arun Karthik is a renowned diabetologist in Coimbatore, currently practising at Diacare: Diabetes Specialities Centre. Dr. Arun Karthik is highly skilled and experienced in treating various diabetic conditions, including hypoglycemia, diabetes management, insulin treatment, and much more.  He provides comprehensive and personalized care for patients seeking advice for their diabetic condition.


    About Dr. Arun Karthik (Diabetic Doctor in Coimbatore)

    Dr. Arun Karthik completed his MBBS from Rajah Muthiah Medical College, Tamil Nadu, in 2002. Later, he went to the Diabetes Research Foundation in Chennai to complete his post-graduate fellowship and continued his practise as a Consultant in Diabetes till 2007.

    In 2007, Dr Arun started Diacare Diabetes Specialities Centre in Coimbatore with the aim of providing comprehensive care and treatment for diabetes under one roof.

    Dr. Arun has been rated as one of the best diabetes specialists in Coimbatore. With a rich experience of more than 20 years, he is known to provide the best diabetes treatment in Coimbatore. He is a specialist in diabetes management, hypertension treatment, lifestyle changes,

    Furthermore, Dr. Arun has helped over 20,000 patients who are now living happy and comfortable lives despite of their diabetes. He specialises in bringing people’s blood sugar levels under control in less than a month using as little medication as possible. If you or your loved one is suffering from diabetes, consult the best diabetologist in Coimbatore, Dr. Arun Karthik, today!

    diabetes treatment Coimbatore

    Best Diabetologist in Coimbatore

    Diabetes is a common metabolic disorder in which the sugar level in the blood goes high. Most commonly people suffering from obesity or living a sedentary lifestyle are more prone to this disease. Being the most trusted Diabetes Specialities Centre, the doctor at Diacare provides holistic care and management for this disease. Our doctor specializes in creating personalized management as well as control modules for the disease along with its various complications. Everything which is required for a diabetic treatment is provided under a single roof at our center. All the facilities ranging from basic diagnostics, specialized tests, comprehensive disease management, and care to support are provided by the specialists.Also, our doctors endeavor to educate patients with regard to their diabetic conditions so that they can make informed treatment decisions. The clinicians at Diacare adopt the multi-disciplinary approach towards diabetes control and management. The patients are offered compassionate care and support ensuring complete safety and satisfaction.

    Why You Need Diabetes Doctor or Specialist?

    • Our doctors specialize in assisting patients in managing their diabetes and reducing the risk of the occurrence of complications due to it.
    • The diabetes doctor works with the patients to create a proper treatment plan including medications and lifestyle modifications to increase the success rate.
    • Our specialists ensure that all patients receive modern medical care, education, prevention, and management of its complications. The collaborative approach of the team of our doctors is what sets our center apart.
    • The specialists have been helping the patients in setting their personalized healthcare goals and also learning the ways to incorporate proper diet, weight control, exercising, and adopting other Lifestyle modifications.
    • The ultimate aim of our doctor is to provide cutting-edge treatment that is tailored according to the individualized need of the patient. This means they take out time to listen to the patients and help them in their journey to achieve the best possible lives.
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