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Control Diabetes by diacare
Diabetes Treatment Centre

What Are The Ways To Control Diabetes?

Introduction Diabetes is a stage where your body needs glucose that will give enough energy to your body, leading to increased glucose level (which is not required by your body). Around 24.5 million people are dealing with this disease, and about 7,00,000 people died in 2020 in India. But to…
December 26, 2022

Type 2 Diabetes – Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder that causes high blood sugar levels in the body. The condition is often associated with obesity and lack of exercise. In this blog post, we will discuss the symptoms, causes and treatment of type 2 diabetes. We will also explore ways to prevent…
December 9, 2022

Diabetes and Its Early Warning Signs

Diabetes occurs when a person has increased blood sugar levels. When a person has diabetes, their body cannot produce enough insulin (type 1 diabetes) or cannot use it well as it should (type 2 diabetes). Diabetes can result in other serious health issues, such as vision loss, heart disease, kidney…
December 7, 2022

What Is Type 1 Diabetes – Causes, Symptoms and Affects

What does Type 1 diabetes mean? How different is it from Type 2 diabetes? What are the implications and treatments available? Here is all you need to know about Type 1 diabetes What is Type 1 diabetes? Type 1 diabetes is a form of the autoimmune disease caused due to…
November 21, 2022
Artificial Sweeteners
Diabetes Food & Diet

Top 4 Artificial Sweeteners In The Market

Are Artificial Sweeteners Like Sugar-Free Safe To Use? A standard question that comes to all doctors from the patients. Well, the short answer is yes. they are... That is what science says...evidence says..research says.... Almost all artificial sweeteners have been around for 30-40 years. Till date, there has not been…
November 20, 2022
Can diabetes be cured?

Diabetes Affects Around 460 Million Individuals Globally

Can Diabetes be Cured? Diabetes has already been transformed into an epidemic affecting around 460 million individuals all around the world. It is also a significant cause of several other kidneys, heart, and eye-related ailments. It is estimated that there would be an increase of 700 million individuals affected by…
November 8, 2022
Reversed Diabetes

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

Diabetes Is Life-Long & Chronic Syndrome Diabetes is a lifelong and chronic syndrome that is highly prevalent in the modern era due to our poor lifestyle . What happens is that the body is not able to produce enough insulin hormone. Or although adequate insulin is produced, the body cells…
October 28, 2022
diabetes diet
Diabetes Food & Diet

Which Fruits Should Diabetic Patients Avoid?

Diabetes is a chronic syndrome that has impacted millions of people worldwide. Uncontrolled diabetic conditions can have some of the most serious consequences. This may lead to cardiac, kidney, and eye-related disease and many other types of complications. Although, fruits undeniably serve as a healthy component of the diet and…
October 19, 2022
Diabetologist in coimbatore

Top Diabetic Doctor in Coimbatore

The vast majority of people in today's society don't think they have enough time or money to lead healthy lives. How poorly we care for our health is quite obvious if we observe our daily living patterns. In actuality, the majority of people in our country are obese and live…
October 10, 2022