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Diabetes Prevention

As responsible diabetes care centre, reversing diabetes is among the major goals we wish to achieve. This is possible in clients with borderline diabetes , or in newly detected diabetics, especially younger people we first assess the client’s physical build, BMI and insulin resistance levels, calculate his/her risk score and then prescribe a diet and exercise regimen to reduce the insulin resistance and thereby prevent/reverse diabetes. Certain natural supplements to reverse diabetes would also be recommended.

diabetes checkup - Diacare

Is Diabetes Curable?

Prevention is better than cure- this adage cannot be more apt for anything else than diabetes. It is easier, and certainly possible to prevent developing diabetes, than treating it. This is attempted in every stage of natural history of diabetes , in our centre (Diacare diabetes specialities centre).

Primodial Prevention:

Primordial prevention is treating before onset. It involves identifying people at risk. For example, people with strong family history of diabetes, obese & overweight individuals, sedentary job profile, are encouraged to undergo screening & risk assessment. This is generally done to attendants or family members when they accompany the patients to our centre (free of charges too). And many a times, borderline cases have been identified and risk factors mitigated with lifestyle corrections & diet modifications in the earlier stage itself.

Primary Prevention:

Primary prevention is, simply put, preventing borderline cases from becoming diabetics. This is not done with using medicines. But measured, customized changes are done to the diet and exercise regimen of pre-diabetic individuals , attempting to reverse them to normal stage, or at least keeping them in pre diabetes itself.

Secondary Prevention:

This is the most common category. Now that you have developed diabetes ,we work along with you, educating, motivating , and guiding you to maintain good control of diabetes, throughout your life , in order to prevent developing complications & damaging your organs, and be informed, it is certainly  doable.

Tertiary prevention:

Well, this is the stage where we don’t want you to land in. Usually seen in neglected cases of diabetes who come to us a bit too late, the organ damages have already begun . Unfortunately, not all damages can be reversed. We try our best to prevent end stage damage such as renal failure, heart attack, blindness or limb amputations.

Let's Fight Together Against Diabetes

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