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diabetes treatment Coimbatore

Our Diabetes Treatment Starts with a Systematic Flowchart



The type of diabetes (Type 1 / Type 2 / Gestational / Mody)


The client regarding their problems, their sugar levels, their diet patterns & other complaints.


  • Their physical health status, their blood reports, and damages to the organs, like kidneys, nerves, heart, eyes
  • Their mental health, involving underlying depression, anxiety, anger issues etc.


This is our specialty area. We

  • Discuss with the client regarding their problems.
  • Workout a treatment plan based on their lifestyle, budget, job, etc, including their inputs in the discussion.
  • Recommend necessary diet changes
  • Concluding with follow up dates and time taken to get 100% guaranteed results
Diabetes treatment Coimbatore

Diabetes Treatment in Coimbatore

Diabetes treatment essentially consists of 3 pillars-Diet,Exercise & medications .Unless these 3 areas are properly addressed ,it is near to  impossible to control diabetes,especially in the long term. However, these three areas have to be tailor made for each individual and can never be one size fits all . For example, the dietary needs of a door to door salesman  can be much higher than that of a software engineer or a banker. Similarly, exercise regimen for each of these individuals may vary. Many a times, we come across neglected diabetics,whose legs have been amputated, where the scope for exercise might be limited . To make the long story short every individual who walks into our centre gets a customized treatment plan as per his or her requirement, lifestyle and other demographics.


Diet plan forms the crux of diabetes treatment. More discipline  your meal plan, the lower your medications. And, just like you, we don’t like medicines either, and we try to keep it to a minimum.In fact lowest possible  is one of our key result areas.

Coming back to diet, every time you come to our centre, our dietitians inquire about how your diet plan was and were you successful in implementing and what are your pitfalls. Let’s face it,not many can stick to diet discipline 100%. And we know that as well. However, the fact is, you can certainly have some cheat days and still control your diabetes. How to do it, we will teach you some great hacks. Our You tube channel has some fantastic diet plans which are ready for your use. After thoroughly understanding your daily chores , we help you alter your diet with healthier options ,thus helping you get the best of both worlds.You can choose from a range of patterns like a 2 meal pattern, 3 meal pattern & a 5 meal pattern. Also,you have a choice of south Indian, north Indian ,vegetarian,non vegetarian and Jain diet as well.


Exercise is an integral part of diabetes treatment. People who exercise regularly not only have lower chances of getting diabetes, but exercise also reduces the number of medicines which you might be taking.. A brisk walk for  about 45 minutes a day is all that is required to reduce your HbA1c by about 1% roughly. For people who have arthritis we conduct physiotherapy sessions to reduce pain and increase mobility..


We know that you hate medicines,…right ? So do we. But we gotta do what we gotta do. We try our best to give you the least number of medicines required , to get your sugar under control.The game plan is to delay , or possibly defer potent medicines or insulin as much as possible .

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