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diabetes diet

Diabetic Diet Counselling


Diet, as you may know, forms the most important pillar of diabetes treatment. Unfortunately it is also the most neglected. This is because most of the prescription diet regimen in many places are in terms of quantification,(eg. You must take this many idlis, dosas, this size cup of rice, this many rotis etc.).Further there are foods that lower blood sugar, foods to be avoided in a kidney problem, foods that reduce insulin resistance, food for weight loss, meal plan for gestational diabetes, and so on and so forth

Therefore, at DIACARE, we let the person’s stomach/hunger guide their food, as we understand that the need of a farmer is quite different from the needs of a banker. We not only look at food as a wholesome experience, but also make sure that is very easy for the client to follow, as per their needs and job profile.

Food is Not Enemy, Know Your Best Diet Plan

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